Invest in your future and let EnRep’s experienced team build an infrastructure for your business – one that allows for growth today and sustainability for tomorrow.

In the quest to be everything to everyone, companies may increase their vulnerabilities and skip important steps that ensure their employees and their business are prepared for what the future brings.

EnRep makes it easy for you to focus on your core business and company growth by taking on the routine administrative tasks. We listen, learn, and examine your entire business — inside and outside, and top to bottom – so we can provide you with reliable solutions and processes that ensure you have the confidence and tools to move your business forward.

EnRep understands how many small to medium sized businesses get frustrated with the daily tasks of running their businesses. We relieve that frustration by creating turnkey operations for administrative processes supporting Human Resources, Finance, and Compliance functions. You know your business best. It’s our job to take on those time-consuming, but very important tasks, so you can devote your time to grow your business.

“From the moment you transition from your day-to-day career to that of a business owner… you must adopt a completely new way of looking at things. EnRep is there to help bring clarity to your vision.”

– Jennifer Dickerson

Just when you learn the rules, they change.

Today’s business owners are faced with the dual challenges of trying to successfully manage and grow their business, while simultaneously keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory laws and complex compliance guidelines. And as your business grows, so do your challenges.

EnRep evaluates your business to better understand the risks you may face, and provides you with solutions that make the daily tasks of running your business less worrisome and almost effortless. We offer you flexible service based on your needs, and we’re committed to understanding those because we’ve taken the time to get to know your business. Compliance and regulations can be a long, complex process without the right procedures, but with EnRep, you’ve got a partner.

Things most often asked:

  • How do I best prepare for an audit?
  • Are my company policies & procedures current and comprehensive?
  • What non-compliance issues are we facing?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for properly training our employees?
EnRep provides curriculum development and delivery of training in accordance with company policies and procedures.
EnRep provides technical writing and editing services for development of company policies and procedures.
EnRep provides chemical/waste management program analysis and compliance support.
EnRep reviews current environmental, health, and safety programs for compliance with federal, state, and local government regulations.
EnRep evaluates current company administrative and technical systems and processes to identify deficiencies and reduce risks by reviewing the corporate infrastructure.
As an extension of our partnership, EnRep maintains compliant procedures that are tailored to your business, and any training requirements of your workforce.

“Effective Human Resources balances the goals of your business with the needs of your employees.”

– Sherri Walls

Bringing Human Resources strategy to the business

Human Resources are a critical part of your successful business; however, most business owners know the frustration of spending more time than they want, or should, on non-revenue-generating activities.

Whether it’s the hiring process for bringing the right people on board, developing solid training for your staff, or understanding basic employment laws, the world of HR is an ever-changing and sometimes daunting one. But EnRep allows you to focus on the core of your business, while we work on important HR tasks. Whether your concerns involve meeting current HR compliance regulations or defining acceptable job descriptions, we are the experts that help you develop your Human Resources strategy.

Things most often asked:

  • How do I know if my HR processes are current and compliant?
  • Do our business practices accurately represent company culture?
  • How do I start documenting my HR practices?
  • Is my HR structure poised for future business growth?
Develop and perform steps to recruit and hire quality staff in accordance with company standards and legal requirements.
Develop and/or refine job descriptions that will have a direct effect on quality hiring, performance management and compensation practices.
Assist company in local, state and federal compliance with employment related laws and regulations. Including Affirmative Action Plans, Employee Handbooks and similar documentation.
Develop or refine compensation practices, including designing a structure, performing competitive wage survey, equitable pay analysis and employee communication.
Determine framework for establishing or improving company’s performance feedback process.
Prepare a customized HR checklist encompassing all other regulations required by law related to hiring, paying, training, promoting and terminating employees are followed and documented.
Assessment and implementation of best system to fit needs of the organization to efficiently manage people data.
Consult on-site or virtually on employee relations issues including coaching, performance concerns, dispute resolution and related communications.
Assist companies with shopping, comparing and selecting best health care options that are affordable and efficient for the company while meeting a majority of the health care needs of the employees.

“Your bank balance is only a small part of determining if your business is financially healthy.”

– Tammy Collins

Strong financial processes move you forward

Although the bottom line is a good indication of the health of your business, measuring the total financial well-being is a bit more complex. And it’s even more of a challenge if your financial processes are unclear, or worse, undefined.

We focus on helping our clients identify any weak areas, and then develop strategies to ensure they have the right financial pieces that make their business thrive. No matter what your business needs, EnRep’s financial services provide businesses with critical turnkey actions, like accounting policies and procedures, reconciliation reporting or a process for monthly and year-end reports.

Things most often asked:

  • Can my business produce accurate financials?
  • How do I know if a product or service is profitable?
  • How can I streamline the accounting function?
  • Is my payroll being properly recorded?
Develop accounting policies and procedures which automate and reduce unnecessary steps without sacrificing internal controls.
Reconcile balance sheet and income statement accounts and resolve differences.
Determine appropriate accounting platforms for payables, receivables and other financial reporting.
Develop monthly / year end close process. This includes journal entries for accruals, prepaid expenses, depreciation etc.
Determine appropriate payroll platform, process payroll on regular basis; balance and reconcile payroll reports with Quarterly (941’s) and Annual Reporting (W-2’s).
Review benefits provided by the Company and ensure that these are properly recorded in payroll (Examples: Paid Time Off Accruals, Holiday Pay, Life Insurance (GTL)).
Assist small business with combining accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R). Assist with creating an A/R aging report and an A/P aging report.
Assist in completing the Incurred Cost electronic (ICE) model as required by DCAA.
Evaluate the requirements for an audit and assist with necessary documentation.